Closed / Organisational Courses FAQs

Closed Course is a course that is created by teachers and taught in a closed community. This course type is ideal for teachers who want to use the platform as a learning tool and have their own students either through an institution or a locality. Closed Course is also ideal for teacher who want to use mElimu as an Activity platform where they can give assignments, collaborate through forums, messages and live classes.
Courses and setups are based on your agreement with our company. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our platform at
mElimu is a Social enterprise and wants teachers to use our platform for free where students can access the learning through any modern web browser. The mobile application is not free.
Yes while creating the course you can disallow free option to your course.
You can setup a fee for the course which will be collected through mElimu Payment Gateway. mElimu will deduct the payment gateway charges and the platform fee and remit the rest of the money to your designated account
Yes you can use your own methods to collect the student fee and pay mElimu Platform fee yourself.
You can invite students and enroll them free or paid in your courses using Register & Enroll, Search & Enroll or Generate Coupon Code. Paid enrollment can be done against cash payments from students for the course unit. You will need to purchase coupons online or via mobile money. Email to get more instructions. However, this platform is free to use from Apr 1, 2020 to May 15, 2020.
Once you are registered with us, then you have to create course, publish it and start engaging students for e-learning forum discussions, assignments, grades, quizzes and video notes on mobile app. When students purchase mElimu mobile app, you will earn money for each student that pays for the mobile app. It will reduce your efforts for managing grades, forums, assignments, quizzes and other learning activities. You can also keep ownership of your content.
You can get paid by 2 ways. You can collect money from your students and after deducting your commission you have to submit rest of the amount to mElimu or you can directly ask student to pay via mpesa or credit card into mElimu account. We will remit the balance of your commission to your mPesa or Paypal account.
You may send a support request via email to We will respond to all of the support requested as soon as possible.
You can download our app from google play click here